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The School is governed by a registered body ‘Christ Educational Trust’ Bengaluru. Christ School is ideally located a few blocks away from the Bannerghatta road which runs through the southern part of Bengaluru and is least disturbed by the bustles of the city. Its atmosphere, facilities, and well qualified and caring teachers make it one of the best schools of the city. It is indeed a dream school for the city parents to send their children for quality education .

Christ school was founded in June 1984. The beginning was humble with about hundred students and six teachers. The then Rector of Dharmaram College, Rev. Fr. Justin Koyipuram blessed the school building on 3rd June 1984 in the presence of parents and well wishers.

The idea of a school with reference to the request by the general public especially the Christian minority of the locality was approved by the governing body meeting of Christ Educational Society held on 7th September 1983 at Dharmaram College. The matter was entrusted to Fr. Benedict CMI and Fr. John Marius CMI. Their hard work paved the way for the development of the school into an outstanding institution. The first SSLC batch of 41 students came out in flying colours in March 1990 under the able guidance of the founding Principal Fr. John Marius CMI. The ICSE section was started in 2007 by the then Principal Fr. Joseph Rathapallil CMI. The school began to function as two separate schools from May 2013 shifting the state syllabus section to Dharmaram campus under the leadership of Fr. Augustine Paimpallil CMI as its Principal. The ICSE section continued under the Principalship of Fr. Shaju Varghese CMI. A new section which is proposed to be affiliated to CBSE board was begun in June 2017. A new campus of Christ School at Kumbalgodu was inaugurated on 25th February 2018 under the Principalship of Fr. Augustine Paimpallil CMI. Dr. Fr. Martin Mallath CMI took charge as Principal of Christ School from May 2018 to May 2020. Fr. Nilson Davis Pallissery CMI was appointed the interim Principal in May 2020. Fr. Sebastian Elanjickal CMI assumed the office of the Principal in September 2020 with Fr. Martin Onasseril CMI as Vice Principal. Fr. Reji Koodapatt CMI serves as the Finance Administrator since 2019. Fr. Sebastian Elanjickal CMI, Principal, Fr. Martin Onasseril CMI, Vice Principal and Fr. Reji Koodapatt CMI Finance Administrator completed their tenure on 14th May, 2023. Fr. Nijo Jose CMI took charge as the Principal and Fr. Reji Koodapatt CMI as the Vice Principal and Finance Administrator on 15th May 2023.

Christ School, State Board, leaving the space to the CBSE section, moved to the new building, with the state-of-the-art facilities, back in to the old campus, on May 30, 2022. At Christ, the students are encouraged to be creative, reflective and motivated learners. Individual talents of the children are spotted, nourished and encouraged. Apart from a rigorous academic programme a variety of co-curricular activities for students to empower them with a holistic education are imparted to make making them successful in life.


“You are the light of the world” is the motto of Christ school. It is taken from the Holy Bible Mathew 5:14. Imbibing this spirit, Christ School concentrates on the integral growth and total formation of the human person by leading the life in a righteous path. Light cannot be sordid. We make the students to apprehend that they are the light of the world and they must live uprightly to reveal the love of God. Let the light sparkle before others by doing good deeds essential to the well-being of the world.


Awakening every child to be the light of the world, by inculcating Character Excellence, Rational Proficiency and Mental Supremacy.


Christ School is a fostering ground for the holistic development of every child to spread their radiance for the growth and excellence in the society.


The school Logo reflects the quintessence and values that the school upholds. The Dove soaring high typifies the students to elevate themselves to lofty heights and not to look down even when there is turbulence, which will automatically force them to excel. The symbolic representation of Christ School Bengaluru , in the form of Lamp signifies the enlightenment of mind and intellect. The Triangle represents perfection and the source of unlimited potential.
The Circle symbolizes wholeness and oneness.The circles enclosing the triangle epitomizes a means of warding off negativity and generating positivism and protection. The Rays emitting out of the triangle are the core values that one has to attain with all earnestness, sincerity and endeavour to radiate this light to every corner of the world.
The Rays emitting out of the triangle are the core values that one has to attain with all earnestness, sincerity and endeavour to radiate this light to every corner of the world.
The core values which guide us are :
1. Faith in God
2. Moral Uprightness
3. Human and Healthy
4. Intellectual Competency
5. National Integration


Hail O light of wisdom and love
Shine this house of learning
To dispel the darkness of ignorance
To acquire the brightness of wisdom
To shun the ways of hatred
To tread the path of truth
O light whom our sages sought
Whose glories did great lips sing
Whose rays enlightened seeking minds
Fill us with your radiant light.