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Sports and Games

Sports and games play a very important role in one’s life. It can be considered as a major factor deciding our physical well being and mental health. It enlightens our memory power internally and externally strengthens our body to undertake any sort of physical activity. Starting from the act of laughing at occasions to highly competitive marathon races can be clubbed into the category of exercises practiced for a healthy living to develop a strong citizen for the future. Students are provided a chance to have themselves trained in all these co-curricular activities from school ages. Christ school provides enormous facilities in training many kinds of indoor games like chess, carom, shuttle badminton and table tennis. Equal importance is also given to outdoor games. We have a very large playground with an indoor stadium for practicing football, basket ball, throw ball, shuttle badminton and volley ball etc. Practices are mostly held after the classes under the guidance of well-versed experienced coaches.

The school sports authorities and well qualified physical education instructors encourage the budding young sportsmen. Every youth brings fame from all the directions right to the school. Sport is taken as a separate subject both theoretically and practically. The school stands first with basket ball players who are proud and victorious. They are given special attention because they form the team of the national level conducted by the School Games Federation of India. It is a matter of pride for our school that our basket ball team members, for the past ten years has been selected for the national level competition. The shuttlers and football players also were eligible for the state and district level competitions respectively. Sports men of Christ are well aware that sports will make, all human beings to live longer.

Sports and Games Sports and Games
Sports and Games Sports and Games
Sports and Games Sports and Games