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Financial Aid

In keeping with its mission reaching out to all the strata of the society, Christ school has instituted Educational aid for the economically weak deserving students. this policy is to support the students who need a helping hand to come up in the society and contribute to the betterment of the society.

The school management supports the deserving students in every year. Parents who aspire to benefit from this financial aid may contact the school principal or the student counsellor.

With the intention of motivating the students in the field of education a new initiative has been launched in the form of scholarships. around five to six students are selected from each class after a careful scrutiny of their parent's financial status, position in the academics, their behavior in the school, and their involvement in the co-curricular activities. around two hundred and thirty students benefited from this scheme.

Along with these steps the school helps financially weaker sections in their further studies and award the SSLC toppers every year.