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Computer Lab

Computers have become an integral part in our day today life. It is a necessity to make our students aware of all new technologies which are been upgraded according to time. We have two spacious labs with 48 work stations respectively. Students are given an opportunity to utilize the lab for presenting their ideas to help in overall development and in the technical skills. The students are encouraged to create innovative projects and to be realized that Computers are one of the tool for success in life.

The computers that are used are latest in technology, fully equipped and regularly maintained. Students from first standard to tenth standard are permitted to visit the computer lab during prescribed periods with an accompanying teacher. The computers must be used carefully and perfect silence must be maintained inside the lab.

Computer Lab Computer Lab
Computer Lab Computer Lab
Computer Lab Computer Lab

Computer Lab Rules

  1. Strict silence and discipline are to be maintained in the computer Lab.
  2. Any damage due to rough handling will be taken seriously and penalty for the damage shall be paid to the lab incharge
  3. Students are expected to visit only the permitted websites.
  4. No eatables are permitted in the Lab.
  5. Students are allowed in the Lab only with permission of the teacher.
  6. Anybody found removing the hardware parts from the computer will be penalized and appropriate action will be taken.