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Co Curricular Activities

The co-curriculum encompasses all the activities, events and trips which the school offers alongside the academic curriculum. It is an integral and essential aspect of the education offered by Christ School. This emphasis on a rich and diverse co-curricular programme throughout the school is based on the conviction that individuals thrive in an environment in which all of their abilities and talents are recognized and nurtured.

The aims of cultural activities

  1. To enrich and enhance the learning and understanding of pupils and ensure that Christ remains a vibrant and dynamic environment where pupils thrive for perfection.
  2. To provide opportunities for all pupils to develop and demonstrate originality, skill and enthusiasm across a broad range of creative, physical and cultural activities in school and in the wider community.
  3. To encourage pupils to develop a strong sense of responsibility and an appreciation of the importance of service and community.
  4. To inspire and engage pupils, enabling them to discover and pursue new passions and to develop greater self-confidence and self- awareness.
  5. To enable pupils to challenge themselves within a supportive framework and promote strong relations throughout the school community.

Thus, at Christ, we believe in imparting a holistic education. Hence we have incorporated Sports and Performing Arts and various clubs into the daily activities and we offer students a mix of activities around the year to sustain interest and develop every aspect of a child's personality.

We hold regular school assembles which are designed to help children and youth develop social and emotional intelligence. We also participate in interschool competitions and compete against other schools. With our school’s age and experience compared to other schools in the state, we have climbed great heights and achieved much popularity in field of sports and other cultural activities.