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The elegant and mighty campus of the school instills in all of its family members a sense of deep rooted pride. The majestic infrastructure, with bright and spacious classrooms, commands everybody’s attention. The sprawling grounds welcome the students to let out their energies in the form of exercise and provide space to play sports like foot ball, basket ball, kho-kho and keep themselves physically fit.

The beautiful quadrangle lined with the lush green coconut trees on one side and the ornamental plants all around, give the feeling of being close to the natural habitat. The visual is so pleasing that it easily helps the students to get in the prayerful mood during the assembly time.

The school also provides amenities like multipurpose auditoriums, smart class facility, well built stages and a state of art library. The school has well-equipped computer and science temper of its students. Facilities of potable water and clean wash rooms, along with an infirmary are provided for the students.

Sufficient space for parking the four wheelers and two wheelers is provided. A cycle stand with a shelter helps the students in earnest to safely leave behind their cycles and concentrate on studies.