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Holy Mass

“Numerous are your blessings, Lord To count we must be, eternal like you”

Eucharist is the culmination of Lord’s Last Supper. Eucharist is the greatest and highest form of thanks giving, a fellowship meal, a gathering around the banquet table to witness the great sacrifice of Christ to teach us the value and the joy of giving than receiving.

During this Eucharistic celebration we invoke God’s grace, listen to His word and pray for the humanity. Indeed we the Christ School staff and the students are proud and privileged to have this great celebration once in a month as a family, to thank His numerous blessings for all our endurance. We are also blessed with many priests leading us in Eucharist and extent their prayers and blessings for the success of all the Christites.

Prayer Meeting

Prayer is an integral part of school at Christ School. To instill the qualities of prayerfulness, obedience and good character, we conduct prayer meetings for the non-catholic students from 5th to 10th standard. We nurture and plant faith in God and devotion to the students. Prayer meetings promote good mental health, peace, harmony and instill the moral values in students. Students learn self-respect, caring for others and they individually embark on a mission of meditation and tolerance. The guest speakers also deal with self respect, obedience to parents and elders, the apt use of opportunities, career development etc.

Prayer brings peace, joy and serenity in one’s life. It is a gathering in the name of God to magnify the creator and to realize that we are creatures with simplicity of heart and generosity in one self to acknowledge that we are nothing without the power of God.