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Frequently Asked Questions

1 . when will be the usual admissions?

Published on :05-03-2014

 we admit only to the lower Kinder garden.  if any one takes T C according to the vacancy admission will be taken.  you may apply for it on line

2 . Location of Christ school

Published on :01-03-2014

Christ school road, Dharmaram College post-29 Bannerghata road,

landmark sagar automobiles,

take left a far long from there you will find Christ school

3 . How much preference is given to Co-curricular activities?

Published on :01-03-2014

 Co-curricular activities are given equal prominence. Christ believes that a Christie to be a all rounder. A Mass PT is conducted, all the events in DCL(deepika children league) Is encouraged and motivates the children to participate in various cultural activities. Art and drawing has its own prominence


4 . Is there any bus facility provided?

Published on :01-03-2014

 Bus facility is provided to student as well as for teachers. Best transportation given by Christ to the students

click  here to read more datails about our transportation.